Press Release - Synthetic Summit - 8/9/12


Date:           July 5, 2012

From:          Lindsay Beaudry, HSCB Community Collaborative Planner                  

Re:              Upcoming Synthetic Summit

Since the laws were signed into effect making synthetic drugs commonly known as K2, LoL, and Bath Salts controlled substances, (illegal to produce and sell) Michigan has been celebrating. The remnants and consequences of these dangerous substances are far from gone however.

The Brighton Center for Recovery has joined forces with several substance use prevention and treatment groups in the community to offer a day long Synthetic Summit training for professionals followed by a community information session in the evening on August 9th. The training will include speakers and presentations from law enforcement, hospital staff, and treatment/ prevention front line clinicians. Lunch will be provided during the professional session, registration is required. The cost is $25 to attend the professional session if you register in advance / $35 at the door (scholarships available upon request) MCBAP credit hours are approved for this training, register at and it is FREE to attend the community session. Refreshments will be available at the community session, NO RSVP to attend.

Registration: 8:30AM
Professional Session: 9AM-3:30PM
Community Session: 6:30-8PM
Hosted by Brighton Center for Recovery
12851 Grand River Road, Brighton, MI 48116

The community at large as well as professionals are welcome to come and learn more about the local data, new facts & trends, signs & symptoms, as well as local solutions. The initial community interest was the driving force behind getting synthetics off of our community shelves, now let’s move forward as a community to educate ourselves and understand the impact and dangers that still exist surrounding these deadly substances. Please contact Scott Masi from Brighton Hospital with questions, for interviews or additional information Scott Masi, Referral & Outreach Specialist / Program Analyst, St John Health System Brighton Center for Recovery & Eastwood Clinics at (810) 220-1818 or (810) 360-5779 (24/7)

Regards and thanks,
Lindsay A. Beaudry, MSW
Community Collaborative Planner
Phone: 517-552-7140

"A smile confuses an approaching frown." 

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